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, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp 215–220 | Cite as

Compositional dependence of some physical properties of ZnO–PbO–P2O5 glasses

  • H. TicháEmail author
  • J. Schwarz
  • L. Tichý


Six glasses of the chemical composition 10ZnO–xPbO–(90−x) P2O5 were prepared. With an increase in PbO content a non-monotonous step like increase in the density, in the glass transition temperature, and in the refractive index was observed. From the Raman and IR spectra studied the evidence is given for the phosphate network depolymerization as PbO content increases. Increase in PbO content leads also to an increase in refractive index (n) up to n = 1.74, for x = 55, and to an increase in the glass transition temperature (T g) from T g = 270 °C (x = 30) to T = 360 °C (x = 55).


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This work was supported by the project MSM 0021627501 of the Czech Ministry of Education and by GACR project 340711/51. L.T. acknowledges also support from the project AVOZ 40500505. We also acknowledge to M.Vlčeka and M.Kinclb for kind measurements of the Raman and infrared spectra, respectively.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Faculty of Chemical TechnologyUniversity of PardubicePardubiceCzech Republic
  2. 2.Joint Laboratory of Solid State Chemistry, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech RepublicUniversity of PardubicePardubiceCzech Republic

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