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, Volume 42, Issue 14, pp 5875–5879 | Cite as

Dielectric behavior of Cu–GeO2 cermet thin films

  • Irine Banu LucyEmail author


Capacitance and dielectric loss measurements were carried out using an Al/Cu–GeO2/Al sandwich structure for 0 to 10 vol% Cu films, 120–400 nm thick, deposited at 0.4–1.5 nm/s in the frequency and temperature range 1–10Hz and 90–573 K, respectively. The variation of capacitance and dielectric loss with frequency and temperature follows the Goswami and Goswami model. Capacitance decreases slowly with increasing thickness and also varies with the change in deposition rate of the cermet film.


Deposition Rate Loss Tangent GeO2 Sandwich Structure CoPc 



I am grateful to Dr. John Beynon of Brunel University, UK for his enthusiastic guidance throughout this work and to Prof. C. A. Hogarth of the same University for many useful discussions.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsUniversity of RajshahiRajshahiBangladesh

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