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, Volume 42, Issue 15, pp 6117–6122 | Cite as

Effects of dispersant addition on the synthesis of indium-doped calcium zirconate by co-precipitation techniques

  • Vivek KrishnanEmail author
  • Jeffrey W. Fergus


The synthesis of In2O3-doped CaZrO3 by solid oxide and oxalate co-precipitation routes has been studied. The effects of using polymeric surfactants (PEG) and ball milling on the synthesis were determined by characterizing the materials at various stages using SEM, XRD, FTIR and particle size analysis. PEG addition and ball milling led to the formation of smaller particles which reduces the time and temperature needed for perovskite formation.


Oxalate Perovskite In2O3 Precursor Powder Ammonium Oxalate 



The authors wish to acknowledge funding received from the NASA-sponsored Solidification Design Consortium directed by Dr. Tony Overfelt, Auburn University. We thank Achmad Hanafi for his contribution to the development of the precipitation process and graduate students Rui Shao and George Teoderescu for their help with particle size and FTIR measurements.


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  1. 1.Materials Research and Education CenterAuburn UniversityAuburnUSA

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