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, Volume 41, Issue 17, pp 5619–5624 | Cite as

Correlation between optical, electrical and structural properties of vanadium dioxide thin films

  • N. R. MlyukaEmail author
  • R. T. Kivaisi


VO2 films have been prepared on normal microscope glass slides by reactive rf magnetron sputtering of vanadium target in a mixture of argon and oxygen. Optical properties of the films were investigated by the UV/Vis/NIR Perkin–Elmer Lamda 9. Transmission electron microscope and atomic force microscope were used to investigate the structure of the films. Correlation between structural and optical properties of VO2 thin films is investigated with respect to the dependence of both to substrate temperature.


Deposition Temperature Rutherford Backscatter Spectroscopy Vanadium Dioxide Hysteresis Width Transmission Electron Microscope Microstructure 



Mlyuka, N. R. would like to thank the University of Dar es Salaam for scholarship. IPPS, Uppsala University, Sweden is also acknowledge for support including research equipment and materials.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Solar Energy Group, Physics DepartmentUniversity of Dar es salaamDar es salaamTanzania

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