Fuzzy Linear Programming Approach for Solving Fuzzy Transportation Problems with Transshipment



To find the fuzzy optimal solution of fuzzy transportation problems it is assumed that the direct route between a source and a destination is a minimum-cost route. However, in actual application, the minimum-cost route is not known a priori. In fact, the minimum-cost route from one source to another destination may well pass through another source first. In this paper, a new method is proposed to find the fuzzy optimal solution of fuzzy transportation problems with the following transshipment: (1) From a source to any another source, (2) from a destination to another destination, and (3) from a destination to any source. In the proposed method all the parameters are represented by trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. To illustrate the proposed method a fuzzy transportation problem with transshipment is solved. The proposed method is easy to understand and to apply for finding the fuzzy optimal solution of fuzzy transportation problems with transshipment occurring in real life situations.


Fuzzy transportation problem Ranking function Trapezoidal fuzzy number 


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