Journal of Logic, Language and Information

, Volume 19, Issue 4, pp 413–430

Merging DEL and ETL



This paper surveys the interface between the two major logical trends that describe agents’ intelligent interaction over time: dynamic epistemic logic (DEL) and epistemic temporal logic (ETL). The initial attempt to “merge” DEL and ETL was made in van Benthem et al. (Merging frameworks for interaction: DEL and ETL, 2007) and followed up by van Benthem et al. (J Phil Logic 38(5):491–526, 2009) and Hoshi (Epistemic dynamics and protocol information. Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University Stanford, 2009a). The merged framework provides a systematic comparison between these two logical systems and studies new logics of intelligent interaction. This paper presents the main results and the recent developments at the interface between DEL and ETL.


Intelligent interaction Reasoning about knowledge Dynamic epistemic logic (DEL) Epistemic temporal logic (ETL) 


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