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Dual Integral Sliding Mode Control Loop for Mechanical Error Correction in Trajectory-Tracking of a Planar 3-PRP Parallel Manipulator

  • S. Mohan
  • J. K. Mohanta


This paper presents a dual-loop control scheme based on an integral sliding mode control scheme for the task-space pose error correction in trajectory-tracking of a planar 3-PRP parallel manipulator due to mechanical inaccuracies. The proposed dual-loop control scheme uses redundant sensor feedback, i.e., individual active joint displacements, velocities (at the joint-space level) and, end-effector positions and orientation (at the task-space level) are obtained as feedback signals using appropriate sensors. Using the redundant feedback information, the actual pose errors of the end-effector are computed in the outer-loop (kinematic) control and rectified in joint-space inner-loop (dynamic) control to achieve the given desired task-space trajectory. To demonstrate the efficacy and show complete performance of the controllers, real-time experiments are executed on an in-house fabricated planar 3-PRP parallel manipulator. The experimentation results show that the manipulator tracing performance is considerably improved with the proposed dual-loop control scheme. In addition, the controller parameter sensitivity and robustness analyses are also accomplished.


Dual-loop control Integral sliding mode Task-space control Error compensation Trajectory-tracking control Mechanical inaccuracies Parallel manipulators. 


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  1. 1.Mechanical EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) IndoreIndoreIndia

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