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An Optimization Based Approach for Relative Localization and Relative Tracking Control in Multi-Robot Systems

  • Mohamed W. MehrezEmail author
  • George K. I. Mann
  • Raymond G. Gosine


In this paper, an optimization based method is used for relative localization and relative trajectory tracking control in Multi-Robot Systems (MRS’s). In this framework, one or more robots are located and commanded to follow time varying trajectories with respect to another (possibly moving) robot reference frame. Such systems are suitable for a considerable number of applications, e.g. patrolling missions, searching operations, perimeter surveillance, and area coverage. Here, the nonlinear and constrained motion and measurement models in an MRS are incorporated to achieve an accurate state estimation algorithm based on nonlinear Moving Horizon Estimation (MHE) and a tracking control method based on Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC). In order to fulfill the real-time requirements, a fast and efficient algorithm based on a Real Time Iteration (RTI) scheme and automatic C-code generation, is adopted. Numerical simulations are conducted to: first, compare the performance of MHE against the traditional estimator used for relative localization, i.e. extended Kalman filter (EKF); second, evaluate the utilized relative localization and tracking control algorithm when applied to a team of multiple robots; finally, laboratory experiments are performed, for real-time performance evaluation. The conducted simulations validated the adopted algorithm and the experiments demonstrated its practical applicability.


Multi-robot systems Relative localization Relative trajectory tracking control Fast MHE and NMPC Code generation 


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  • Mohamed W. Mehrez
    • 1
    Email author
  • George K. I. Mann
    • 1
  • Raymond G. Gosine
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  1. 1.Intelligent Systems Lab, Faculty of Engineering and Applied ScienceMemorial University of NewfoundlandSt. JohnsCanada

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