Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

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Correction to: A weighted interval rough number based method to determine relative importance ratings of customer requirements in QFD product planning

  • Pai Zheng
  • Xun Xu
  • Sheng Quan XieEmail author

Correction to: J Intell Manuf

The original version of the article was published with a miscalculated equation. In section “Procedures of determining the RIRs”, the last equation under Step 3 should read as:

The upper-class average importance rating is:
$$\begin{aligned} \begin{aligned} \textit{AIR}_{u} (R^{*})&= 0.2 \times \left[ {3,\frac{{11}}{3}} \right] + 0.3 \times \left[ {3,\frac{{11}}{3}} \right] + 0.5 \times \left[ {\frac{{11}}{3},5} \right] \\&= \left[ {\frac{{10}}{3},\frac{{13}}{3}} \right] \end{aligned} \end{aligned}$$
the rest of the calculations in the example should follow this result thereafter.

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