Cloud computing as a facilitator for web service composition in factory automation


Cloud computing is an information technology paradigm enabling companies to sell computing resources more dynamically. Software and hardware are now commodities leased on demand. Because computer systems leased from a cloud service provider, virtual machines, are typically connected to internet, they can host web services, which are frequently components of service oriented architectures (SOAs). Such architectures have recently been adopted in factory automation, as they allow systems to reach high levels of decentralization and loose-coupling. SOA-based Factory automation systems combine physical production equipment with web services that belong to the information processing (cyber) domain, and they are therefore highly cyber-physical. When some of the services are deployed on cloud resources, SOA-based factory automation systems can be classified cloud-based cyber-physical systems. Each service in such a system is typically able to perform rather simple, atomic operations, whereas achievement of complex goals requires that the services be composed to collaboratively carry out workflows. This article investigates the use of cloud resources in automatic service workflow composition. To facilitate the acquisition and utilization of cloud resources, a system of two specialized web services is proposed. The system includes a web service that dynamically deploys virtual machines to carry out planning processes, thereby exhibiting artificial intelligence. Finally, this paper demonstrates the integration of the system with a previously proposed semantic web service composition framework.

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  • Cloud computing
  • Factory automation
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