A survey on group recommender systems

  • Sriharsha Dara
  • C. Ravindranath ChowdaryEmail author
  • Chintoo Kumar


Recommender systems are increasingly used in various domains like movies, travel, music, etc. The rise in social activities has increased the usage of recommender systems in general and group recommender systems in particular. A group recommender system is a system that recommends items to a group of users collectively, given their preferences. In addition to the user preferences, using social and behavioural aspects of group members to generate group recommendations will increase the quality of the content recommended in heterogeneous groups. Group recommender systems also address the cold start problem that arises in an individual recommendation system. This paper presents a survey on the state-of-the-art in group recommender systems concerning various domains. We discussed existing systems with respect to their aggregation and user preference models. This organisation is very useful to understand the intricacies with respect to each domain.


Group recommender systems Domain wise survey Aggregation models 


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