Correction to: Regional Inequality: An Analysis under an Extended Core-Peripheral Model

  • Marcus GumpertEmail author

Correction to: J Ind Compet Trade

The original article has been updated. The updated version was necessary in order to provide, first, a more detailed illustration of the differences to particularly two other papers of the author (‘Regional inequality: An analysis under the core-peripheral model’, published in Growth and Change, 2019 (, and ‘Regional economic disparities under the Solow model’, published in Quality and Quantity, 2019 (; and, second, a detailed discussion of the specific added value of this article.

In implementing the revisions, especially two chapters were added: ‘Comparison of the extensions of different spatial models’ and ‘Innovations of the paper and their implications’. The first chapter illustrates the individual assumptions, statements, innovations, and core arguments in detail in comparison to the above-mentioned other papers of the author. The second chapter describes the specific added value of this article in detail.

Additionally, further changes have also been implemented in the text of the main chapters under the relevant formulas to make them easier to understand. Furthermore, a summary of the paper was added to the final chapter in order to present the innovations and novelties in a condensed form.


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