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David Rentz: A guide to the katydids of Australia

CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria, 2010, x + 214 pp, softback, Au$ 49.95, ISBN 9780643095540
  • Tim R. NewEmail author
Book Review

Katydids (also known as ‘long-horned grasshoppers’ or ‘bush-crickets’, amidst a variety of other common names that may infer spurious relationships with other groups of Orthoptera) are the members of the distinctive family Tettigoniidae, one of the largest families in the order and with a rich Australian fauna exceeding a thousand species. David Rentz is acknowledged globally as the leading authority on these insects, and is a prolific writer on their systematics; his projected series of monographs on the family in Australia was unfortunately curtailed after only three volumes (Rentz 1985, 1993, 2001) but was accompanied by an eminently readable wide-ranging account of Australia’s orthopteroids as ‘Grasshopper Country’ (Rentz 1996), and he has continued to describe and document the fauna since then.

The present authoritative book is described as ‘primarily an identification manual to be used in the manner that you might use a bird guide’, and the numerous colour photographs of living...


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