Deborah G. Mayo: Statistical Inference as Severe Testing: How to Get Beyond the Statistics Wars

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2018, 486 pp, $29.99, ISBN: 9781107286184
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The foundations of statistics is not a land of peace and quiet. “Tribal warfare” is perhaps putting it too strong, but it is the case that for decades now various camps and subcamps have been exchanging heated arguments about the right statistical methodology. That these skirmishes are not just an academic exercise is clear from the widespread use of statistical methods, and contemporary challenges that cry for more secure foundations: the rise of big data, the replication crisis.

One often hears that to blame are classical, frequentist methods, that lack a proper justification and are easily misused at that; so that it is all a matter of stepping up our efforts to spread the Bayesian philosophy. This not only ignores the various conflicting views withinthe Bayesian camp, but also gives too little credit to opposing philosophical perspectives. In particular, this does not do justice to the work of philosopher of statistics Deborah Mayo. Perhaps most famously in her Lakatos...


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