Detlef Dürr, Dustin Lazarovici: Verständliche Quantenmechanik. Drei mögliche Weltbilder der Quantenphysik

Springer Spektrum, Berlin, 2018, 250 pp, 24,99€ (softcover), ISBN: 9783662558881
  • Matthias EggEmail author
Book review

My undergraduate physics professor used to say: “One cannot understand quantum mechanics, one can only get used to it.” This sounds a bit more humane than the frequently heard slogan “Shut up and calculate!”, but it is ultimately just as unsatisfactory. After all, isn’t one of the main reasons for engaging with physics the desire for a better understanding of what happens in the material world? Detlef Dürr and Dustin Lazarovici, the authors of the book to be discussed here, firmly adhere to this view and oppose the quoted slogans by presenting quantum mechanics as intelligible (verständlich).

Now there are two kinds of difficulties that stand in the way of understanding quantum mechanics, and it is a great merit of this book to approach both of them together. On the one hand, there is the sophisticated mathematics required to formulate the theory. Providing students with orientation in this respect is part of the main business of conventional textbooks on quantum mechanics. Although...



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