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Kirchhoff, Thomas; Karafyllis, Nicole et al. (eds.): Naturphilosophie. Ein Lehr- und Studienbuch. Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen, 2017, 368 pp, €24,99, ISBN 9783825247690

  • Theodor Leiber
Book review

Philosophy of nature is contested, complex and at present academically marginalized. The present book is about this subject field and is meant to be a “teaching and study book” of “philosophy of nature”, thus attempting to serve traditional needs of one of (higher) education’s core tasks. (Since the book is written in German, all English references to the book used in this review are translations of the reviewer.) The book consists of 37 separate articles in addition to five introductory articles, which are altogether written by 30 different authors coming from various disciplines and fields, mostly from philosophy but also from physics, chemistry, biology, economics, landscape design and theology. The volume is divided into four major sections entitled “History and Systematics” (I), “Basic Concepts of Natural Philosophy” (II), “Relationships to Nature” (III) and “Philosophy of Nature in Practice” (IV). The various articles in the second section cover basic concepts such as nature,...

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