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Perspectives on Structuralism, Munich, Germany, 16–18 February 2012

  • Frank ZenkerEmail author
  • Holger AndreasEmail author

When recently mentioning an ongoing PhD thesis on the Sneed-Stegmüller structuralism, a well-known senior logician is said to have replied half-jokingly: “So, you will be the one to put out the lights!” Indeed, among some, the structuralist program counts as abandoned, overcome. As speakers and participants to this 3 day meeting can testify, that reputation is undeserved.

Funded by a grant to Holger Andreas, this international conference took place at the Center for Advanced Studies of the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany. So far the largest European event of its kind, it coincided with the retirement of Prof. C. Ulises Moulines. Amongst many other achievements, he had been instrumental in “exporting” the structuralist program to Spain and Ibero-America.

The major objective of the meeting was to relate the structuralist program to methods, approaches and research agendas along the entire spectrum of philosophy, particularly in the philosophy of science and logic. Virtually...


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