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Dimension-denoting classifiers in Taiwanese compound adjectives



This paper analyzes Taiwanese A-CL sequences as compound adjectives by treating the classifier inside such sequences as a dimension provider and the adjective as involving an ordering function. Combined with the assumption that classifiers occurring as the CL of A-CL compound adjectives should be divided into single-dimension denoting and multi-dimension denoting elements, the analysis provides a rationale for why the adjectives permitted in A-CL compound adjectives have the interesting and otherwise perplexing property of being so limited in number.


Adjectives Classifiers Taiwanese A-CL sequences Compound adjectives Dimension providers Ordering functions Single-dimension denoting classifiers Multi-dimension denoting classifiers 







Marker for modifying phrases like genitive phrases, relative clauses, and noun complement clauses in Mandarin Chinese;


Marker for modifying phrases in Taiwanese;


Disposal or extent marker;


Nominal suffix -a;


Sentence final particle


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