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We would like to signal a few editorial changes at the Journal. Barry Richmond’s role as co-Editor-in-Chief will now be assumed by Jonathan Victor, formerly Action Editor. Barry will remain an Action Editor, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for serving so many years as Associate Editor and co-Editor in Chief to maintain the high quality standard of the Journal.

With the new editorial team, JCNS remains a journal mainly focused on publishing full length papers in all aspects of computational neuroscience and theoretical approaches to brain function and dysfunction. We also encourage authors to consider the recently added tracks on review articles or short communications.

The most recent addition to the Journal is the possibility of adding supplementary information, such as computer animations or supplementary figures. We especially want to mention the possibility of publishing program code related to the journal publication. This is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. The code should be submitted to the ModelDB database (, which will reciprocally link with the journal. We believe that the availability of the program code multiplies the impact of articles, which benefits the authors, the Journal and the community at large.

Another recent change concerns the possibility of passing reviews between journals, in case of rejection. This is possible through the “Neuroscience Peer-Review Consortium” (NPRC), which is an international initiative gathering many journals, and to which JCNS participates. The evolution of NPRC is documented in a second editorial in this issue.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for maintaining the quality of the Journal, including the action editors and reviewers for their efficient service, and the authors for submitting their work.

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