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Kayla Harrison, Cynthia S. Kaplan, and Blaise Aguirre: Fighting back

Guilford Press, New York, NY, 2018, 246 pp
  • April PoteetEmail author
Book Review

This book provides a unique perspective on coping with trauma and helping victims of child sexual abuse (CSA). Readers are slowly introduced to information related to Kayla Harrison’s CSA through her journal entries and her recall of experiences. Readers then learn about the authors’ views of how to help a child with experiences such as those provided in the journal entries and recall by Kayla Harrison. This provides the reader with opportunities to understand and visualize situations through the eyes of the victim and then learn the appropriate course of action when supporting a victim. This book has value for educators, therapists, health care staff, those who work closely with children, and parents. This book would also be beneficial to those who are experienced in helping victims of CSA, as they can learn more information about how the victim views and then copes with trauma. This book would also be good for victims—to help them cope with their experience and recognize that other...


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