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Percolation transport study in nitride based LED by considering the random alloy fluctuation



Recent studies show that the random alloy fluctuation plays a very important role in the carrier transport and light emission properties of InGaN quantum well light emitting diodes (LEDs). Due to the existence of polarization field, the composition fluctuation does not only affect the carrier localization effect but also the fluctuation of potential barrier induced by the polarization field. In this paper, the carrier percolation transport in the random alloy system, including the effect of the monopolar electron transport in the n-i-n InGaN quantum well and the influence of the different electron blocking layers to the p–n LED will be studied to analyze the influence to current–voltage curve and internal quantum efficiency.


InGaN AlGaN Random alloy fluctuation Electron blocking layer (EBL) Light emitting diode (LED) Droop 


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