Numerical analysis of electron optical system with microchannel plate

  • Alla Shymanska


This paper describes a numerical development of image converters and intensifiers which incorporate an inverting electron optical system (EOS) and a microchannel plate (MCP) as an amplifier. The numerical design of the system includes calculation of the electrostatic field in the device, trajectories of electrons emitted from a photocathode, and determination of the modulation-transfer-function (MTF) which gives the objective estimation for the image quality.

Results of the numerical experiments are shown, and the EOS with optimized characteristics is developed. It provides the nearly flat image surface, determines the position of the surface of the best focus, minimizes the image distortion and reduces a noise factor of the MCP.


Electron optical system Microchannel plate Electrostatic field Electron trajectories Modulation-transfer-function Numerical analysis 


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  1. 1.School of Computing and Mathematical SciencesAuckland University of TechnologyAucklandNew Zealand

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