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Tripos Rediscovered

An Interview with Jim Hopkins, CEO of Tripos Discovery Informatics
  • Wendy A. WarrEmail author


Open image in new window Over the last few years, Jim Hopkins has assisted Vector Capital, a San Francisco-based private equity company that specializes in taking small-cap, often struggling, public companies private. The Tripos Discovery Informatics division was purchased by Vector Capital from Tripos, Inc. in March 2007 and Jim was appointed CEO of the new software company. Before working with Vector, Jim was Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of Micrografx, Inc., a Richardson, Texas-based public company that developed and sold application software for the graphics, enterprise process management and technical design marketplaces. Micrografx was acquired by Corel in 2001, and Jim joined the Corel Board of Directors immediately thereafter. He first met Vector Capital personnel during their acquisition of Corel in 2003.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Tripos Discovery Informatics serves more than 1,000 customers spanning over 46 countries. The newly private...


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