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A successful treatment with 5 methyltetrahydrofolate of a 677 TT MTHFR woman suffering premature ovarian insufficiency post a NHL (non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and RPL (repeat pregnancy losses)

  • Luz E. Goyco Ortiz
  • Edouard J. Servy
  • Yves J. R. MenezoEmail author


Methylation is an ubiquitous regulatory biochemical process in cellular physiology. It is involved in immune response, neurotransmitter function, trans-membrane transport and DNA repair. But it also plays a mandatory role in gene expression regulation and silencing via imprinting and epigenesis, two processes totally dependent upon methylation of DNA and histones. These two last biochemical regulations are of major importance in gametogenesis and early embryo development. The folate cycle is a major partner in methylation: it allows the regeneration of methionine from homocysteine post methylation via SAM (S Adenosyl Methionine) the ubiquitous co factor of Methylation (see fig. 1). MTHFR is a strong effector of the folate cycle, but its genetic variants, 677CT and 1298AC, exert a reduced enzymatic activity. Besides being implicated in circulatory and cardiac problems and cancer, these variants exert a strong correlation with the impairment of reproductive functions...


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  1. 1.Servy Institute of Reproductive EndocrinologyAugustaUSA
  2. 2.Laboratoire ClementParisFrance

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