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Treatment history and outcome of 24 deliveries worldwide after autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue, including two new Danish deliveries years after autotransplantation

  • Kirsten T MacklonEmail author
  • Annette Klüver Jensen
  • Anne Loft
  • Erik Ernst
  • Claus Yding Andersen
Fertility Preservation



To report another two successful pregnancies and deliveries resulting from autotransplanted cryopreserved ovarian tissue several years after the autotransplantation procedure took place. Further, to review the literature on the treatment history, number of live births and their outcome so far reported worldwide.


Two women underwent fertility preservation with cryopreservation of their ovarian tissue prior to a potentially sterilizing treatment with bone marrow transplantation. One woman suffered from paroxystic nocturnal hemoglobinuria and one woman from relapse of Hodgkin′s lymphoma. Both suffered from premature ovarian insufficiency after treatment. Because of a pregnancy wish they later had pieces of thawed cortical tissue transplanted to the remaining ovary and the anterior abdominal wall. PubMed was searched for reports of deliveries resulting from cryopreserved ovarian tissue in peer-reviewed papers.


Five years after the autotransplantation the first patient became spontaneously pregnant and delivered a healthy baby boy at term. The second patient became pregnant after undergoing one cycle of in vitro fertilisation five years after the autotransplantation. She delivered a healthy baby boy at gestational week 36. Twenty healthy singletons and two sets of twins have been born according to peer-reviewed publications.


Contrary to most of the published deliveries our latest two cases occurred several years after the autotransplantation procedure took place. This proves that ovarian grafts are capable of functioning for several years after the autotransplantation has occurred. Today, a total of 26 healthy children have been born as a result of cryopreservation of ovarian tissue.


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  • Annette Klüver Jensen
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  • Anne Loft
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  • Erik Ernst
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