Comparison of c-DNA microarray analysis of gene expression between eutopic endometrium and ectopic endometrium (endometriosis)

  • L. Mettler
  • A. Salmassi
  • T. Schollmeyer
  • A. G. Schmutzler
  • F. Püngel
  • W. Jonat
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Problem: As recent studies have suggested abnormalities in the regulation of specific genes in the development of endometriosis, we investigated differentially expressed genes in endometriosis compared to endometrium. Method of study: Gene expression profiles using the Atlas microarray were performed in endometriotic tissue and endometrium. Nine of the 13 genes of endometriotic tissue showed an up-regulation in relation to endometrium and four of the 13 genes a down-regulation. Results: Of the 1176 genes on the Atlas Human 1,2 array, only 13 differentially expressed identical genes were detected after repeating the gene analysis three times. Conclusion: According to our c-DNA analysis some differentially expressed genes may be involved in the pathogenesis of endometriosis. An imbalance in the genes responsible for the reproductive process may lead to a decrease in embryo implantation in patients with endometriosis.


Endometriosis Endometrium Microarray analysis 


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  • A. Salmassi
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  • T. Schollmeyer
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  • A. G. Schmutzler
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  • F. Püngel
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