The influences of weather on patients with different ovarian responses in the treatment of assisted reproductive technology

  • Shiuh Y. ChangEmail author
  • Kuo-Chung Lan
  • Chih-Wei Chen
  • Fu-Jen Huang
  • Men-Yi Tsai
  • Chih-Yang Chang
Assisted Reproduction


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influences of tropical weather on patients with different ovarian responses in the treatment of assisted reproductive technology.

Methods: Six-hundred fourty-seven women underwent their first treatment cycles were retrospectively analyzed. Patients received embryo transfer either 3 days or 5 days after oocyte retrieval, depending on the number and quality of embryos on day-2.

Results: Significant correlations were demonstrated in the top quality embryo rates of day-3 and day-5 embryo transfers with temperature, humidity, and atmosphere pressure. The cumulative light hours negatively correlated with the implantation and pregnancy rates of day-3 embryo transfer (−.282 and −.282, respectively), while they positively correlated with those of day-5 embryo transfer (.225 and .224, respectively).

Conclusions: These results clearly suggest that weather may exert influences on the outcome of assisted reproductive technology. Patients with different ovarian responses or blastocyst culture and transfer may modify weather influences.


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