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Valorization of the filamentous seaweed Chaetomorpha gracilis (Cladophoraceae, Chlorophyta) from an IMTA system


The filamentous green seaweed Chaetomorpha can grow in a wide range of salinities and temperatures, and it is often reported as nuisance in other cultures due to its proliferation capacity and ordinarily discarded. However, Chaetomorpha can represent a promising feedstock for different purposes due to their potential valuable compounds. In the present study, Chaetomorpha gracilis grown as an opportunistic species in Solieria filiformis cultivated under an integrated multitrophic aquaculture (IMTA) in tanks was valorized through three sequential extractions. The sequential extraction process implemented was successful and managed to recover three valuable products: a lipid fraction with interesting saturated fatty acids (SFAs), a water-soluble sulfated polysaccharide (SP) with gelling capacity and antioxidant activity, and a highly crystalline cellulose. We discuss on the promising uses and applications for this C. gracilis compounds valuable to obtain biofuel and other pharmacological uses and industrial applications (composites and/or as pulp in paper making).

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The authors received financial support from the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) for the PN-CONACYT 2015-01-118 project.

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  • Chaetomorpha gracilis
  • Chlorophyceae
  • Fatty acids
  • Sulfated polysaccharides
  • Cellulose