Genetically Modified Organisms: An Indian Ethical Dilemma

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DOI: 10.1007/s10806-012-9429-4

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Kaur, A., Kohli, R.K. & Jaswal, P.S. J Agric Environ Ethics (2013) 26: 621. doi:10.1007/s10806-012-9429-4


In today’s rapidly merging technological realms, basic necessity and morality of the society is often overlooked. Genetic Engineering, a great leap in human understanding of life sciences with possible impacts on every facet of life, is one such advancement. A technology which tampers with the nature at the DNA level and has the prowess to shuffle genes between distantly or even non-related organisms is bound to have gravid moral implications. Tagged with ecological, economic and bio-safety issues, it is being termed as an imprecise tool, which may cause irreversible damages. Apparently, it has shaken the age old, deeply entrenched ideologies of people around the globe leading to a massive uproar in the society. This synthesis is an attempt to dissect and analyze the ethical and moral repercussions of Genetic Engineering with special reference to Indian scenario.


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  1. 1.Department of Environment StudiesPanjab UniversityChandigarhIndia
  2. 2.Panjab UniversityChandigarhIndia
  3. 3.Rajiv Gandhi National Law UniversityPatialaIndia

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