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Keiko Tobe: With the Light: Raising an Autistic Child (Volume 4)

Yen Press, New York, NY, 2009, 527 pp, ISBN: 978-0-7595-2385-2, $14.99 (paper)
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Book Review

Kelts (2007) in his critical analysis of America’s fascination with Japanese pop culture quotes Federik Schodt, a renowned manga scholar’s, explanation of Japan’s embrace of manga reading as “…Japan’s far ‘more autistic, cramped, pressurized, and inward-looking lives’ may be at least partly accountable for the drive to pursue an obsession to its outer limits” (p. 162). This lay usage of the term “autistic” does not correctly capture the clinical use of the term. However, if one can forgive the improper usage of the term, Schodt may be onto something.

Many higher functioning individuals, particularly adolescents, in the U.S., adore reading Japanese manga. What is the appeal of this form of graphic novels for the ASD population? Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel Comic book super-heroes such Spiderman™, Wolverine™, and X-Men™ provide us with further clues as to why individuals on the autism spectrum are fascinated with these books. Lee (1978) in his tutorial, How to Draw Comics the Marvel...

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