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Travis Thompson: Dr. Thompson’s Straight Talk on Autism

Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company, Inc., Baltimore, 2008, xx + 282 pp, ISBN 978-1-55766-945-2, illustrations, $24.95 (paper)
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As more and more children are receiving a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), parents require up-to-date and practical information to provide them with clarification of important issues related to the diagnosis of ASD. Additionally, parents often seek relevant guidance and direction in the care and parenting of their child with autism. Thompson’s Straight Talk on Autism is a source that addresses both of these needs. Written in an easy-to-read style that is accessible to parents and professionals alike, this book shares clinical, and personal accounts of individuals with ASDs to illustrate key parenting and educational issues that arise from the ASDs. Essentially building on his earlier publication, Making Sense of Autism,the author’s stated focus is to help parents, teachers and therapists to take effective steps to develop critical skills in communication, and address the social and behavioral issues that are associated with the diagnosis of autism. Throughout the book,...

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