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, Volume 48, Issue 9, pp 1069–1080 | Cite as

Microwave-assisted polyol preparation of reduced graphene oxide nanoribbons supported platinum as a highly active electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction

  • Jian Liang
  • Chuang Li
  • Wenping Li
  • Ji Qi
  • Changhai LiangEmail author
Research Article


Reduced graphene oxide nanoribbons (RGONRs) supported platinum catalysts were prepared by microwave-assisted polyol method, in which Pt nanoparticles were uniformly dispersed with a mean particle of 3.5 nm. During the synthesis, Pt ions were first attached to graphene oxide nanoribbons, then the encased metal ions and graphene oxide nanoribbons were simultaneously reduced by ethylene glycol. X-ray photoelectron spectra and X-ray diffraction indicate that the graphene oxide nanoribbons were partially reduced and the Pt nanoparticles were attached to the oxygen-containing groups on the surface of the support. Pt/RGONRs exhibits excellent activity for the oxygen reduction reaction, which is approximately 2 times better than commercial Pt/C with promising durability after 5000 cycles of accelerated durability tests. The enhancement of electrocatalytic activity and better durability may be explicated by the well dispersed Pt NPs on the RGONRs and the attachment of Pt ions with the oxygen-containing groups before the reduction.

Graphical abstract

Reduced graphene oxide nanoribbons supported platinum catalyst (Pt/RGONRs) were prepared by microwave-assisted polyol method, which exhibited good electroactivity and promising stability toward the oxygen reduction reaction.


Graphene oxide nanoribbons Supported platinum catalyst Simultaneously reduction Oxygen reduction reaction Microwave-assisted polyol method 



We gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21573031), and Program for Excellent Talents in Dalian City (2016RD09), and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (DUT18ZD211).


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