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Management: a scientific discipline for humanity

  • Shoubo XuEmail author
  • Li Da Xu


This paper proposed a new concept of management: Managing According to Reason (MR). Since “manage” means to lead, plan, organize and control, and “reason” means to understand the law of the development of objects being managed, this new concept is an integration of the two elements of “managing” and “reason”. MR studies the contradictory relationship between “managing” and “reason”, and considers how such a relationship changes and develops. MR is an integration of the disciplines of management, philosophy, natural science, engineering technology, and social science. We believe the MR is a comprehensive scientific discipline that will greatly benefit humanity. Since “management” cannot work without power, while “reason” relies on science, MR is an integration of power and science. Power is MR’s assurance, and science is MR’s basis. We believe that MR will play a major role in twenty-first century.


Management New concept of management Management science Management science in narrow sense Management science in broad sense Managing according to reason Integration of managing and reason MR integration of power and science 


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