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Management of recurrent intra corneal epithelial cyst with ethanol irrigation and vacuum-assisted cyst wall excision

Case Report


The clinical and pathological features and management of a patient with recurrent intracorneal epithelial cyst are reported. A child presented with a large intracorneal cyst and underwent drainage with 96 % ethanol irrigation. Histopathology confirmed the epithelial nature of the cyst. The cyst recurred, however, and subsequently a repeat ethanol irrigation with removal of the cyst wall was done. The cyst wall was vacuumed to ensure complete removal of epithelial cells. There was no recurrence, with good visual and cosmetic recovery. Intracorneal epithelial cysts can be successfully managed with drainage, 96 % ethanol irrigation, and vacuum-assisted cyst wall excision.


Intrastromal cyst Corneal cyst Epithelial cyst 96 % Ethanol Drainage Squamous epithelium Inclusion cyst vacuuming Cytodestruction 


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