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Transscleral diode laser cyclophotocoagulation for refractory glaucoma secondary to juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a short term follow-up

  • Anna I. Dastiridou
  • Sofia Androudi
  • Anna Praidou
  • Periklis Brazitikos
  • Catherine G. Brozou
  • Evangelia E. Tsironi
Case Report


To evaluate the success rates of transscleral diode cyclophotocoagulation (TD-CPC) for refractory secondary glaucoma in a paediatric patient with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Report of a case of a 6-year-old boy suffering from severe uveitis, and secondary open angle glaucoma. The patient had undergone bilateral cataract surgery, two prior trabeculectomies in the left and one in the right eye. He was under systemic immunomodulation with methotrexate and cyclosporine. He presented with medically uncontrolled glaucoma, with an intraocular pressure (IOP) of 36 and 34 mmHg in the right and left eye, respectively, under maximal medical antiglaucoma therapy. TD-CPC was performed under general anesthesia, including a total of 20 spots in the right and 34 in the left eye (2,000 mW, 2 s/spot) applied in one session. Visual acuity remained stable in the right eye and deteriorated in the left eye from 0.1 to no light perception. Postoperative hypotony was present 1 month post op and IOP was 14 mmHg in the left and 17 mmHg in the right eye, respectively, in the 6-month follow-up with a topical beta-blocker. The anterior chamber was quiet in both eyes. TD-CPC was effective in the short term as IOP lowering therapy in a pediatric patient with refractory uveitic glaucoma.


Transscleral diode photocoagulation Open angle glaucoma Uveitic glaucoma 


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  • Anna I. Dastiridou
    • 1
  • Sofia Androudi
    • 1
  • Anna Praidou
    • 2
  • Periklis Brazitikos
    • 3
  • Catherine G. Brozou
    • 1
  • Evangelia E. Tsironi
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of OphthalmologyUniversity Hospital of LarissaThessalyGreece
  2. 2.St Paul’s Eye UnitRoyal University HospitalLiverpoolUK
  3. 3.Department of OphthalmologyAristotle UniversityThessalonikiGreece

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