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Bernard J. Jansen, Amanda Spink, Isak Taksa: Handbook of research on web log analysis

IGI Global, 2009, 628 pp, $265, ISBN: 978-1-59904-974-8
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Book Review

The modern world without the internet is hardly imaginable. Not only the size of the Web and the diversity of services provided there are constantly increasing, but also the number of people using the Web is shooting up. According to Internet World Stats (2009), the number of Web users worldwide increased by over 300% during the past 8 years, reaching over 1.5 billion internet users in 2009. And while surfing, every single one of those users is leaving a trace! Those traces, captured in logs of various kinds, can be extremely useful to service and content providers and researchers, e.g., for search engine improvement, for predicting Web traffic patterns and growth, and for understanding user intents and needs, etc.

The Handbook of Research on Web Log Analysisis a 25-chapter compilation of research papers from a variety of different authors and covers a broad range of issues concerning Web log analysis. It is composed of 5 sections: (1) a higher-level view on Web log analysis such as...


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