On the Alleged Laziness of Moral Realists

  • Daniel WeltmanEmail author


Melis Erdur has recently argued in this journal that there is something morally wrong with moral realism. Moral realism promotes “moral blindness or lethargy as a moral ideal, which is morally objectionable.”1This claim is motivated by a thought experiment in which we have easy access to the moral truths, either via some magic arrangement according to which moral truths arrive in our minds when we formulate moral questions, or via acquaintance with the few fundamental moral principles from which we can derive every other moral truth. In this thought experiment, the moral realist allegedly is happy to trust the truths or the moral deductions without bothering to engage further with morality. This is morally objectionable, because morality requires us to be wakeful, alert, and reflective with respect to moral questions, rather than simply accepting an easy answer. Moral “success,” according to Erdur, requires “some sort of wakeful and open encounter with life and other...


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