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Mark Pennington, Robust Political Economy: Classical Liberalism and the Future of Public Policy

Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 2011. ISBN: 978-1-84980-765-4, $32, Pbk
  • Daniel J. Smith
Book Review

Before I begin I have a confession to make. While actively conducting research in the field of political economy, I put this book on my ‘wish list,’ but never got around to reading it until I was asked to review it. Reflecting back, I think it was primarily due to the book’s unassuming title. Don’t make the same mistake. There couldn’t be a starker contrast between Mark Pennington’s humble title and the importance of this book for those political scientists, philosophers, and economists working at the frontiers of political economy. Pennington manages to cover an impressive amount of ground at the intersection of these fields, creating a truly interdisciplinary work that should not be overlooked by scholars in these fields.

It is evident that great care went into accurately and concisely summarizing alternative views and disciplinary approaches. While Pennington isn’t bashful in admitting his classical liberal orientation – or his belief that the consistent application of robust...

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