Jon Birger Skjærseth and Tora Skodvin, Climate Change and the Oil Industry: Common Problem, Varying Strategies

Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2003, 256 pp, ISBN: 07910 65585
  • Jerry Hinkle
  • Armin RosencranzEmail author
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The objective of this book is to explain the sources of the oil industry’s climate change strategy. By doing so, one can understand how better to motivate or co-opt these powerful entities to increase their support for policies that reduce emissions and to play a role in those reductions.

Analytical framework—To accomplish this, three models are formulated from the literature to explain climate change strategies as a function of differences in either the companies themselves (Corporate Actor model, CA) or the domestic political environment in which they operate (Domestic Politics model, DP). As these cannot explain changes in strategy over time, a third model is developed that attempts to explain this (International Regime, IR).

To test the models, an analytic framework is devised containing three distinctly observed climate change strategies, and one company is chosen that well exhibits that strategy. These companies are ‘run-through’ the two models to see which best predicts their...

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