International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 58, Issue 6, pp 1874–1881 | Cite as

Effect of PT-Symmetric Operator on Coherence Under the Non-Markovian Environments

  • Yang LengEmail author
  • Yun-Hui Zhao


In this work, we mainly investigate effect of PT-symmetric operation on the dynamic behavior of the relative entropy of coherence for a two-level system within non-Markovian environments and put forward a feasible physical scheme to recover coherence by utilizing optimal PT-symmetric operation. The results show that the damaged quantum coherence can be effectively restored under influence of the non-Markovian regimes. Furthermore, the freezing phenomenon of the coherence can be detected by using the optimal PT-symmetric operation strength within the non-Markovian environments.


PT-symmetric operator Relative entropy of coherence Non-Markovian environments 



This work is financially supported by the Research Foundation of Education Bureau of Hunan Province, China (Grant No. 15A015).


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  1. 1.College of Elementary EducationChangsha Normal UniversityChangshaChina

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