Dynamical Properties of Intensity Dependent Two-Mode Raman Coupled Model in a Kerr Medium

  • Sudha SinghEmail author
  • Karuna Gilhare


The present paper describes the dynamics of a single two-level atom interacting with intensity dependent quantized bimodal field via Raman type process in an ideal cavity filled with a non-linear Kerr medium. The cavity modes interact with the atom as well as the Kerr medium. A unitary transformation method that is used to solve the time-dependent problem also gives the Eigen solutions of the interaction Hamiltonian. We study the atomic population dynamics and investigate the effects of intensity dependent coupling, Kerr medium and detuning parameters on the domain of the non-classical features of the atom field state. The intensity dependent coupling is introduced by the Hermitian operator valued functions of the number operator\( f\left({\widehat{n}}_i\right)\kern0.36em \left(i=1,2\right) \). We find that the intensity dependent coupling considered by the function \( f\left({n}_i\right)=\frac{1}{\sqrt{n_i}} \) introduces and ameliorates the non-classical features in the presence of Kerr medium.


Two-mode Raman model Intensity dependent coupling Unitary operator \( \widehat{T} \) Kerr non-linearity  Photon statistics Antibunching Second order correlation functions 


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