Influence of Magnetic Field on Qutrit Teleportation under Intrinsic Decoherence

  • Negar NaderiEmail author
  • Mojtaba Jafapour


We study qutrit teleportation through a qutrit xyz chain, in the presence of intrinsic decoherence and a non-homogeneous magnetic field. We study the effects of intrinsic phase change, magnetic field and entanglement of the initial state of the channel. It is observed that while the intrinsic phase change and the non-homogeneity of the magnetic field have adverse effects on the teleportation fidelity, the entanglement of the initial state of the channeled enhances the latter. Moreover, the intrinsic decoherence may remove the ripples from the time curve that is delivered by the Schrödinger channel.


Qutrit Teleportation Intrinsic decoherence Environmental decoherence, Entangled state Product state Fidelity, Homogeneous magnetic field, Inhomogeneous magnetic field 


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