International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 55, Issue 10, pp 4406–4411 | Cite as

Seeing Wave-Particle Superposition with Cavity Input-Output Process



We present an experimental protocol to implement quantum delay-choice experiment in the context of cavity input-output process. In our protocol, the single-atom is employed as ancillary qubit to test the wave-particle feature of a single photon. With the cavity input-output process, we show that the controlled phase shift gate between single-atom and single-photon can be naturally used to generate the controlled Hadamard gate, which thus allows us to construct the quantum circuit for realizing the quantum delay-choice experiment. We also demonstrate the photonic wavelike and particlelike states can be simultaneously observed in our platform. Our protocol may open a new prospect using cavity quantum electrodynamics system to study some counterintuitive fundamental phenomenons in quantum mechanics.


Wave-particle Cavity input-output process 


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