International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 51, Issue 10, pp 3186–3207

A Modified Theory of Gravity with Torsion and Its Applications to Cosmology and Particle Physics


DOI: 10.1007/s10773-012-1199-2

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Fabbri, L. & Vignolo, S. Int J Theor Phys (2012) 51: 3186. doi:10.1007/s10773-012-1199-2


In this paper we consider the most general least-order derivative theory of gravity in which not only curvature but also torsion is explicitly present in the Lagrangian, and where all independent fields have their own coupling constant: we will apply this theory to the case of ELKO fields, which is the acronym of the German Eigenspinoren des LadungsKonjugationsOperators designating eigenspinors of the charge conjugation operator, and thus they are a Majorana-like special type of spinors; and to the Dirac fields, the most general type of spinors. We shall see that because torsion has a coupling constant that is still undetermined, the ELKO and Dirac field equations are endowed with self-interactions whose coupling constant is undetermined: we discuss different applications according to the value of the coupling constants and the different properties that consequently follow. We highlight that in this approach, the ELKO and Dirac field’s self-interactions depend on the coupling constant as a parameter that may even make these non-linearities manifest at subatomic scales.


Torsion tensor ELKO and Dirac fields 

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  1. 1.DIME Sez. Metodi e Modelli MatematiciUniversità di GenovaGenovaItaly
  2. 2.INFN & Dipartimento di FisicaUniversità di BolognaBolognaItaly

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