International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 684–688 | Cite as

Nonlocality and the Correlation of Measurement Bases

  • Daegene SongEmail author


Nonlocal nature apparently shown in entanglement is one of the most striking features of quantum theory. We examine the locality assumption in Bell-type proofs for entangled qubits, i.e. the outcome of a qubit at one end is independent of the basis choice at the other end. It has recently been claimed that in order to properly incorporate the phenomenon of self-observation, the Heisenberg picture with time going backwards provides a consistent description. We show that, if this claim holds true, the assumption in nonlocality proofs that basis choices at two ends are independent of each other may no longer be true, and may pose a threat to the validity of Bell-type proofs.


Nonlocality Basis choices Entanglement 


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  1. 1.Korea Institute for Advanced StudySeoulKorea

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