Porting the PLASMA Numerical Library to the OpenMP Standard

  • Asim YarKhan
  • Jakub Kurzak
  • Piotr Luszczek
  • Jack Dongarra


PLASMA is a numerical library intended as a successor to LAPACK for solving problems in dense linear algebra on multicore processors. PLASMA relies on the QUARK scheduler for efficient multithreading of algorithms expressed in a serial fashion. QUARK is a superscalar scheduler and implements automatic parallelization by tracking data dependencies and resolving data hazards at runtime. Recently, this type of scheduling has been incorporated in the OpenMP standard, which allows to transition PLASMA from the proprietary solution offered by QUARK to the standard solution offered by OpenMP. This article studies the feasibility of such transition.


Parallel computing Multithreading Multicore processors Programming models Runtime systems Task scheduling Numerical libraries Linear algebra 


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    • 1
  • Jakub Kurzak
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  • Piotr Luszczek
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  • Jack Dongarra
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