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MATLAB®: A Language for Parallel Computing

  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Jos Martin
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Parallel computing with the MATLAB® language and environment has received interest from various quarters. The Parallel Computing ToolboxTM and MATLAB® Distributed Computing ServerTM from The MathWorks are among several available tools that offer this capability. We explore some of the key features of the parallel MATLAB language that these tools offer. We describe the underlying mechanics as well as the salient design decisions and rationale for certain features in the toolset. The paper concludes by identifying some issues that we must address as the language features evolve.


Parallel MATLAB Parallel language design Parallel Computing Toolbox 



We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the parallel language design team members at The MathWorks who simplified the esoteric details for the purposes of this paper, particularly Penny Anderson, Edric Ellis, Mike Karr and Brett Baker. We would also like to thank Cleve Moler, Chief Scientist and cofounder of The MathWorks, for being our fiercest critic.

Open Access

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  2. 2.The MathWorks Ltd.CambridgeUK

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