Analysis of the Measurement System and Optimization of the Measurement Procedure for Detection of Thermal Memory Effects by Photoacoustic Experiments

  • S. TodosijevićEmail author
  • Z. Šoškić
  • Z. Stojanović
  • S. Galović
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Experimental verification of thermal memory effects represents a challenge that is important from both fundamental and practical points of view. Recent theoretical studies suggest that the thermal memory effect should lead to thermal resonances in the modulation frequency characteristics of photoacoustic response. Therefore, studies of thermal resonances in photoacoustic response represent an alternative for detection of the thermal memory effect and measurement of thermal memory properties. Since the resonances were not observed, this paper analyzes standard measurement setups and shows that the experimental technique should be optimized to provide a better chance of detection of thermal memory effects by photoacoustic measurements. The results show that a proper selection of modulation frequencies and the knowledge of the approximate transfer function of the electronic part of the photoacoustic measurement system are prerequisites for detection of thermal resonances in the modulation frequency characteristics of photoacoustic response.


Photoacoustic effect Thermal memory 



This work was funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia through research Projects TR-37020 and III 45005.


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