Further Estimates of \((T-T_{90})\) Close to the Triple Point of Water

  • R. UnderwoodEmail author
  • M. de Podesta
  • G. Sutton
  • L. Stanger
  • R. Rusby
  • P. Harris
  • P. Morantz
  • G. Machin
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Recent advances in primary acoustic gas thermometry (AGT) have revealed significant differences between temperature measurements using the International Temperature Scale of 1990, \(T_{90}\), and thermodynamic temperature, T. In 2015, we published estimates of the differences \((T-T_{90})\) from 118 K to 303 K, which showed interesting behavior in the region around the triple point of water, \(T_\mathrm{TPW}=273.16\) K. In that work, the \(T_{90}\) measurements below \(T_\mathrm{TPW}\) used a different ensemble of capsule standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRTs) than the \(T_{90}\) measurements above \(T_\mathrm{TPW}\). In this work, we extend our earlier measurements using the same ensemble of SPRTs above and below \(T_\mathrm{TPW}\), enabling a deeper analysis of the slope \(\mathrm{d}(T-T_{90})/\mathrm{d}T\) around \(T_\mathrm{TPW}\). In this article, we present the results of seven AGT isotherms in the temperature range 258 K to 323 K. The derived values of \((T-T_{90})\) have exceptionally low uncertainties and are in good agreement with our previous data and other AGT results. We present the values \((T-T_{90})\) alongside our previous estimates, with the resistance ratios W(T) from two SPRTs which have been used across the full range 118 K to 323 K. Additionally, our measurements show discontinuities in \(\mathrm{d}(T-T_{90})/\mathrm{d}T\) at \(T_\mathrm{TPW}\) which are consistent with the slope discontinuity in the SPRT deviation functions. Since this discontinuity is by definition non-unique, and can take a range of values including zero, we suggest that mathematical representations of \((T-T_{90})\), such as those in the mise en pratique for the kelvin (Fellmuth et al. in Philos Trans R Soc A 374:20150037, 2016. doi: 10.1098/rsta.2015.0037), should have continuity of \(\mathrm{d}(T-T_{90})/\mathrm{d}T\) at \(T_\mathrm{TPW}\).


Acoustic gas thermometry ITS-90 Thermodynamic temperature 



This work was partly funded by the EMRP. The EMRP is jointly funded by the EMRP participating countries within EURAMET and the European Union. ©Crown copyright 2016. Reproduced by permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen’s printer for Scotland.

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  • P. Morantz
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