Thermal Effusivity Determination of Metallic Films of Nanometric Thickness by the Electrical Micropulse Method

  • J. M. LugoEmail author
  • A. I. Oliva


The thermal effusivity of gold, aluminum, and copper thin films of nanometric thickness (20 nm to 200 nm) was investigated in terms of the films’ thickness. The metallic thin films were deposited onto glass substrates by thermal evaporation, and the thermal effusivity was estimated by using experimental parameters such as the specific heat, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity values obtained at room conditions. The specific heat, thermal conductivity, and thermal diffusivity values of the metallic thin films are determined with a methodology based on the behavior of the thermal profiles of the films when electrical pulses of few microseconds are applied at room conditions. For all the investigated materials, the thermal effusivity decreases with decreased thickness. The thermal effusivity values estimated by the presented methodology are consistent with other reported values obtained under vacuum conditions and more elaborated methodologies.


Nanocalorimetry Specific heat Thermal conductivity Thermal effusivity 



Authors thank to J. E. Corona and Mauricio Romero for their technical support. Special thanks to Dr. A.I. Oliva-Avilés for the revision and suggestions on the manuscript.


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